Dance with Us!

BAD dances regularly, often weekly, in public outdoor spaces – most commonly in Soroptomist Park, up and down downtown Main Street, as well as the traffic circle at College and 11th. We dance when we go other places, and you may have seen us dancing several times in West Yellowstone or in Yellowstone National Park. Basically, we dance everywhere at any time!

And you are welcome to join us!

It’s just … we don’t have set times when we dance or a schedule we keep. But if you’d like to be informed of or participate in our dances (which are always free), please contact us, either by email at or by social media.

When we dance, we may or may not also be protesting. Usually, we are just dancing, though sometimes we are dancing in protest as we are in the video. Here is more basic info about what you might expect.

Here are some rules/expectations for dancing with us:

Dance Rules/Expectations

Everyone can dance, and so can you! In this space, we support everyone's dance, and we will not tolerate any dancer who ridicules or makes fun of anyone else in the space who shows the courage to dance.
We will not dance with anyone who demonstrates that they are or shows any support for bigotry. By bigotry, we mean, at the very least, anything that expresses racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, or homophobia.
We often dance with unhoused people who live in the spaces we dance. This is their space, and we will respect their wishes. If even one unhoused person asks us to move for whatever reason, we shall leave the space and go somewhere else. We also mean by this rule respecting the other dancers. For example, if someone asks you to social distance because of their needs around COVID, we ask that you respect their wishes. This is also a general rule that means something like "Be good to each other." (unless you are a fascist, and then you are NOT welcome).
We play music with lyrics that often call for the end of capitalism, the United States of America, the police, and many other topics. While we often dance to all kinds of other music, if you are joining us just to dance, just note that the music might offend you. Also, for anyone concerned about their children, music may contain sexually explicit lyrics. Don't request a music change, as we will not be changing our playlists.
So long as your art doesn't violate our other rules/expectations (for example, shows bigotry, doesn't respect people's space, etc.), your art is welcome whatever the expression is (even if we don't agree personally with it). We want a space of maximum individual expression possible within the basic guidelines. If for some reason, your expression does create a conflict with our other guidelines, we will engage in a consensus process where a single "No" will be respected. However, by and large, 99% of things people put out there will not be subject to consensus. This is a free art and expression space as much as it is a dance space, since the point of our dancing is to maximize the artist in all of us. What constitutes "art" is unlimited and up to your imagination. Often, we will have banners and signs present. But you can decide what art is.

Music sampled is “Bad Habits” by Madame Gandhi.