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The BAD PODCAST – Who’s Got the Power and Serious Improv

In this partially experimental episode, Aly and Jim begin (00:00:21) by discussing the origin of the BAD rabbit logo as well as the legion of...
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Downloadable BAD Posters

PDFs print best on legal-sized paper; set print settings to "Fit" for letter-sized paper. Click on image to see the...
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Intimacy Journeying with Jim and Dee Elle

My activism extends beyond my friendship with Aly. One of my big passions is tantra, and for the first time...
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Gallatin Valley Mall Dance – Saturday, March 5, Noon!

The notorious Bozeman Antifa Dance (& Theatre Collective) will be doing a flash dance of sorts in the Gallatin Mall...
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Welcome to Our Haters – What We Mean By Antifa

Recently, after posting a podcast interviewing a teenager about her recent emancipation, volunteering, and other topics, a lot of haters...
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The song is "I Quit My Job" by Sea Mouse, which is fitting because I (Aly) quit my job!!! I was about to say that quitting a job is better than sex but I'm also having great sex so why make these mutually exclusive for the sake of a common phrase?

Remember that your worth h…

Some people are threatened by folks who embody free expression and the notion that a better reality can be dreamed into existence every time you dare to be the person of your dreams.

Jim and I were singin' and dancin' in the rain in West yesterday before watching the musica…

Seen in #bozeman tonight dancing. Aly and Jim #musiconmain @Wildermiss ... Antifascists dancing to good music

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