The BAD PODCAST – Sunshine State Connections and Queerly Dumpster Diving for More

Connection is the loose thread in this episode, where Aly and I (Jim) explore my recent magical trip to South Florida, where I talk about the beautiful things I took from ecstatic dancing in a beautifully held environment, the most spectacular drum circle I have ever been, and a little into my experience in a tantric massage class. Then, Aly talks about her experiences in dumpster diving and a brief discussion of freganism and the unexpected creative opportunity that arises from it. Finally, Aly explores her own personal discovery into her queerness in light of her exciting new exploration with a non-binary person.

I want to give a special shout out to Ecstatic Dance Florida (, Jaistar Studios (, and also to Michelle Alva ( and Tantra Studios ( who all helped make my trip to South Florida so special.

Note that we are dancing now every Sunday at 1 PM at Soroptimist Park (Main and Rouse in downtown Bozeman). All dancing is good dancing! You are welcome to join us!

The audio only version is below!


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