The BAD PODCAST – Why We Don’t Vote and Other Anarchist Topics

As the sun sets and through a mid-episode coughing bout, we (Aly and Jim) return with a pretty substantive and no doubt controversial episode focusing on why we don’t vote. Can that be justified when there’s an actual authoritarian fascist running for office? Obviously, we believe so and fall in the line of anarchists, such as Emma Goldman, who have traditionally refused to vote. So, if we don’t vote, what do we do? The conversation morphs into a discussion of feelings about various tactics, and that morphs further into discussing the tension anarchism has always had between respecting the autonomy of the individual while honoring justice for the entire community. In that line, we talk about individual anarchism and anarcho communism, but go deeper into beliefs about what is possible. Pascal’s Wager makes a surprise feature appearance throughout the episode. And we discuss Peter Kropotkin at various times both for the better and for the worse.

As always, you can get the slightly cleaner and edited audio-only version of the podcast below or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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