The BAD PODCAST – Metamorphosis: Creatively Transforming Spaces and the Landlords Who Don’t with Amazing Guest Phaidra

Episode 13 (the third one on video) is up, and we have a guest. Recorded in the home of Aly and Jim’s most creative friend Phaidra, she shares her vision for opening up her home as a community space for theater, dance, and other expression. Phaidra shares how she and her partner Ryan have multipurposed his skate ramp as a backyard stage. We go deep from there discussing the nature of community. Then, the three do a short reading related to community of the play “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman, adapted from Ovid’s classical poem. That play is about hospitality and proved a good lead in to Aly’s sharing of recent frustrations with landlords, or as Jim’s slip of the tongue aptly said, “Landhordes.” You can guess their thoughts about that, but the discussion moves soulfully into a more radical and community approach to sharing space. After Phaidra answers rapid fire questions, Jim and Aly share what it has been like to do street dancing outside of the Montana town they live in. Is it so different to dance on Venice Beach in Los Angeles? The answer may surprise you. We hope you enjoy our guest.

Audio only version below

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