The BAD PODCAST – Much Ado about Nothing: New Adventures in New Orleans and Bozeman

Jim and Aly are back! But they have been on some new adventures. First (00:00:21), Aly reports back from her epic vacation to New Orleans, being interviewed by Jim from a comparison and contrast with Bozeman, Montana as well as a social justice perspective. Then, (00:30:05) Aly reads an excerpt from How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell , and they discuss. Rapid-fire questions is replaced this episode by “Would you rather” (00:35:51), where Jim asks Aly a few would you rather questions (though Jim answers his own questions, too). Finally, Jim’s new adventure is discussed (00:41:07), namely the new adventure of living the entire month of January with his girlfriend, as well as plans the two of them have to create an intimacy workshop.

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