The BAD PODCAST – Organize Your Co-Workers, Friends, and Tenants

The Bozeman Antifa Dance (& Theatre Collective) – i.e., BAD – members Aly White and Jim Macdonald talk to each other about organizing. First, (00:00:21) Aly and Jim discuss labor organizing, especially their experience helping a collective bargaining negotiation with nurses in Bozeman. Then, (00:34:43) we have a new anti-ad! (video). After that, our BAD friends have a fun improv segment (00:36:45)  where Jim screens possible Bumble dates for Aly. They move to an in-depth discussion (00:41:08) of the challenges they are having building an affinity group, as well as why you might want to form one yourselves. After Aly asks Jim rapid fire questions (01:03:43), they wrap up with a conversation (01:06:58) around organizing tenants.  For more on BAD, go to

Note that the essays referenced on John Locke and property rights can be found in this post.

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