The BAD PODCAST – Two Hours of Unnecessary Yet Significant (to Us) Anarchist History

No one needs to understand anarchist history to be an anarchist, but we find inspiration, cautionary tales, and fun in learning. Our hearts are stirred and minds provoked by this rich tapestry of people in action. In this episode, Aly and Jim share our studies of anarchist history, including the roots of anarchism in prehistoric humanity, which found its modern expression among social revolutionaries in a rapidly industrializing Europe. We also share beautiful anecdotes of anarchy in action during the Spanish Civil War, in Oaxaca, Mexico, East London’s Big Flame, and more. We hopscotch to the 1871 Paris Commune, anarchism in Manchuria in the 1920s, and the remarkable figures of Louise Michel and Errico Malatesta. Throughout, we return to ground in our own experience as anarchists and personal (perhaps, social, too) understanding of revolution.

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