The BAD PODCAST – Love Is More than a Feeling (and Thoughts on Palestine)

Aly and Jim talk about love, particularly how Aly defines it and how many of the deepest aspects of it can apply to people who are not our romantic partners. Indeed, much of the discussion is not about romance but rather the practice of love in non-traditional ways and how we can reapply those ideas back into some of our more traditionally defined relationships. However, some of us still want romantic love, and Aly screens some of Jim’s dating prospects as they discuss why Jim doesn’t have a ton of hope in his current foray into dating and why he finds it challenging. Finally, the two loving comrades share their passionate feelings about the travesty of war throughout the world, with special attention to Palestine. They share the uneasy place they find themselves as anarchists who don’t believe in nation states yearning to find solidarity with the suffering of people often made harder by the acts of loveless state actors poisoning the situation and using the suffering of others for their own purposes.

Audio only version below!



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