The BAD PODCAST – Dance with Us (Like, Right Now!)

This is the podcast to watch and dance to (not simply to listen to). Aly and I (Jim) show an hour of us dancing in public so you can see what it looks and feels like. Between sets, we talk about dancing, how you can dance with us, and just what goes on in the Bozeman streets. We are dancing Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at Soroptomist Park (at Main and Rouse) in Bozeman from 5-6 PM (and probably again on January 17 same time and place). If you are watching this after those dates and want to dance, contact us.

We had so much fun dancing (and had a dancer join us briefly). Please consider getting out of your chair and dancing along with us!

We’d love for you to check out the musical artists that make up the playlist we were dancing to. For the entire playlist in order (and a half dozen bonus tunes), check out our podcast playlist on Spotify . Unfortunately, because of some copyright claims that some of the artists put on some of our songs, five of the songs had to be cut down significantly and muted, but you still get about 45 minutes of us dancing. The tunes that appear in this podcast in order (artist – song):

Set 1

1. Girl and Girl – “Dance Now” (trimmed down to about 15 seconds and muted)

2. Ella Andall – “Rhythm of a People”

3. Car Seat Headrest – “Fill in the Blank” (trimmed down to about 15 seconds and muted)

Set 2

4. Madison Cunningham – “Hospital (One Man Down)” (Featuring Remi Wolf) (trimmed down to about 15 seconds and muted)

5. Talking Heads – “Blind” (trimmed down to about 15 seconds and muted)

6. deep tan – “diamond horsetail”

7. Delores Forever – “Why Are You Not Scared Yet?”

8. Melody Angel – “Blues In My Hands”

Set 3

9. Too Many Zooz – “Funky Christmas” (Featuring Big Freedia)

10. The National – “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” (trimmed down to about 15 seconds and mutued)

11. David Byrne – “Help Me Somebody”

12. Propaganda – “Gentrify”

13. Dj Farrapo – “Marcianito” (Cristina Renzetti Vocal Version)

Set 4

14. Shungudzo – “It’s a good day (to fight the system)”

15. Sir Woman – “Party City”

16. Bully – “Every Tradition”

Finally, we do have an audio-only version of the podcast, though for once, we don’t recommend it since the entire point of this podcast is to see and or get a fuller experience of what street dancing looks like. Even if for some reason, you are vision impaired, only the video-only version contains full music that you can dance along with. However, if you really just want to hear us talk for 35 minutes, here you go – we do have very short musical interludes in this version.

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