The BAD PODCAST – Our First Episode!

The Bozeman Antifa Dance (& Theatre Collective) – i.e., BAD – launch our first podcast, where collective members Aly White and Jim Macdonald discuss (00:22) what BAD is, why BAD is, what the podcast is going to be. Along the way, (29:32) they explain why you shouldn’t eat at Sidewinders Restaurant, and discuss some of the pieces they have written on the BAD website ( First, (37:32) Jim discusses his controversial essay on a bull moose that came through Bozeman, how it was treated by the authorities, and what that says about our society. After Aly asks Jim some rapid fire questions (57:05), Aly talks (1:00:33) about her essay about working through anxiety, how that is mirrored in her dog Echo, and the social implications of talking about mental health issues.

So, why shouldn’t you eat at Sidewinders? Check out this PDF flyer!

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