The BAD PODCAST – The Agony and the Ecstasy of Relationship

Anarchists and anti-fascists also live complex lives just like everyone else. We have families, relationships, and traditions. In this episode, we look first (00:01:03) at Aly’s recent break-up with her boyfriend Gray and then (00:34:51) the bliss in Jim’s relationship with Dee Elle. Those discussions focus on having ideals for relationship that are consistent with anarchist beliefs around freedom and therefore anti-authoritarian approaches to relationship. The discussion focuses on feelings, how to approach differing values in relationship, and the degree to which we believe we must seek our ideals also in our partners. Other segments include a Kellogg’s anti-ad (00:53:48) –which was recorded prior to the strike’s resolution (and has a special guest) – Aly’s answers to rapid-fire questions from Jim (00:56:14), and a discussion about our approach to Christmas (00:59:17).

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